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Mental Health Improvement Foundation

A Brief Introduction...

Mental Health Improvement Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to drastically improve mental health by providing discounted services to people who can't afford it, a hotline for people in emotional distress, and constantly battles the stigma against mental illness. We also hope to contribute to the research of better treatment for mental illness and possibly even cure it one day.

How to Improve Mental Health?

Mental health is not only the absence of illness but a state of overall well-being that allows you to grow and thrive. While one in four people worldwide experiences a mental health condition at some point in their lives, much-needed mental health care actions are still lacking. Likewise, many people in need for psychological help encounter poor mental health services and care. Some of the possible reasons for poor mental health experiences may lie in a lack of understanding, fear, and mental health stigma.

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness

One of the most powerful ways to improve mental health is fighting mental illness-related stigma. The mental illness stigma is a great challenge of our society. Misconceptions about mental health lead to stereotypes and stigma. Furthermore, stigma associated with mental illness creates prejudices, which may lead to discrimination and negative actions towards stigmatized individuals or/and groups.

Good mental health is a predictor of the social, economic and overall well-being of one society. Therefore, reducing the stigma of mental illness is vital in encouraging people to talk about their mental health issues and seek professional help.

Reducing the stigma of mental illness and replacing it with positive attitudes and factual information can be done through everyday in-person interactions with people with mental illness, education, and social marketing campaigns.

Mental Well-being Hotline for People in Emotional Distress

From time to time we just need someone to listen. And sometimes when you feel the need to talk to someone, unfortunately, there is no one to reach out to. The volunteers of our 24/7 Here Hotline for people in emotional distress are able to relate and understand mental health conditions. They are here to help you. Although we are not a suicide prevention line, our volunteers are ready to listen and provide support.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the doctor-patient relationship and the overall mental health service experience. Furthermore, we want to spread the word about mental health; we plan to provide a public information exchange for patients, their caregivers, and health professionals based on personal experiences. Our main goal is that recurring problems in our mental health care can be worked out together. We also go all-out to spread positive messages and support to those suffering and to help end the stigma associated with mental illness.

Our vision for the future is to work on finding better treatment options and possibly even on finding a cure for (certain types of) mental illness.

None of this is for profit. So, we need your support to find ways to improve mental health.

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