Mental Health Improvement Foundation's Programs
...and some of our plans for the future


  • At times we offer discounted mental health services to people who can’t afford it. Because all people deserve all good; and mental health is as important as physical health.
    Sadly, further funding is not currently available.

  • The Here Hotline - a 24/7 hotline for people who feel the need to talk to someone who is able to relate to and understand their situation, confidentially.
    Currently in testing phase. We need volunteers!

  • We plan to provide a public information exchange for patients, caregivers and health professionals based on their personal experiences, with the goal being that recurring problems in our mental health care can be worked out together. We want to improve the doctor-patient relationship.
    Just to give you a few ideas about that (there are a lot more):

    • Patients, caregivers and professionals can register, submit their experiences and discuss that along with various other related information.
    • This includes for example a patient complaining about their psychiatrist, then a psychiatrist on the site possibly giving reason why they may have done something in a similar situation to a patient, followed by discussion with everyone as an attempt to come up with some better solutions that are likely to suit everyone in the future.
    • Sorting by problem type and frequency, searching by keywords, clicking on common “tags” which can be added etc.
    • Patients being able to add problems they worry about the most to a list, and print them out (or be given a unique link) to bring to their next appointment for the health professional to see – along with giving that professional an invitation to the program, and why it is so important.

  • We also strive to spread positive, helpful messages to those suffering.

  • Of course, we wish to help end the stigma associated with mental illness. This will help improve mental health for everyone, period.

  • And in the future, we’d love to be to find better treatment options -- and possibly even find a cure for (certain types of) mental illness.

And none of this is for profit. But we need your support to do these things.

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